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All That is You: Ambu Lencioni

All That is You

What is your reaction to some of the most common questions like:
Are you more of an introvert or extrovert person? Do you feel more feminine or masculine? Do you think you are a deep or superficial person? fun or boring? Are you hard worker or lazy kind of guy?

My inner voice always says: I don’t know, I am all and nothing. Those questions used to make me feel uncomfortable even though most of the time it was just me questioning myself!

But ... courageously exploring these voices and feelings help us to develop, choose and belong - anywhere, anytime.  We are naturally curious, not stuck in tribes. We do belong to “all that is us”, which today may be introvert and tomorrow extrovert; having to choose in order to feel a belonging to a particular tribe is an illusion - the only tribe we’ll always belong to to is the tribe that includes “all of you.”

Imagine that a new Tribe is emerging and that you belong to that one. The Tribe of those who can proudly answer: "I don’t know, I am all of this, all the time."

HERE is an invitation to bring your messy self to the dance floor and celebrate it!

To melt down the tension that our bodies daily develop for trying to fit here and there and find a definition and allow all the different Flavours of You without preconceptions and limits, and proudly present yourself to the world as “All that you are”;

And open a space for the body-mind system to not only accept that we can be everything, keep changing and still belong but yet be proud and inspired as well as inspire others ...

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Ambu Alessia Lencioni


Who am I...today? Today I am a passionate heart, a woman and a seeker. I am fire and water, wind and earth. I am chaos and flowing, I am a lyrical, travelling soul. Forever searching, through the movement of my body, the balance between my strength and my vulnerability. On the dancefloor I seek, explore, express and create my own true version of love, family, relationship, success and any idea has been taught us but doesn't fit us any longer. Dancing is the most fascinating and poetic way to connect to that truth, to wave and struggle for that, to encourage that and celebrate it. To meet with other seekers and feel finally one. I am willing now to offer my own way of surfing these waves of life to other dancers out there and to all those who still don't know they are.

"What if you risk a little more? What if you push a little less? what if it's all just about discovering...."


My 'home territory' is Tuscany, italy, where I teach in cities, by the sea, on evenings, workshops and retreats - I am excited to have this new opportunity to dance with you all in the UK.






Dates, Details & Booking

Event Date Saturday May 20th
Event End Date Sunday May 21st
Capacity 35
Registered 13 [View List]
Available places 22
Individual Price £125
Teacher Ambu Alessia Lencioni
Times 11a.m. - 5pm Sat; 10 - 3 Sunday
Location Ambleside Parish Centre
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Venue Information - Ambleside Parish Centre

The Langdales-HJohnson

Situated in the heart of The English Lake District, and home of Wordsworth, is the market town of Ambleside, with nearby Rydal and the Langdale Peaks of ancient myth.

Ambleside hall

Ambleside Parish Centre is a contemporary building providing flexible and neutral spaces for a wide range of activities, classes, events and community groups. The flexible and neutral main hall is an attractive and comfortable venue for a variety of events, activities and occasions. The high arched ceilings are fitted with Velux windows and blinds that open by remote control, providing ventilation and shade in the summer. Whilst the newly refurbished wooden floor is fitted with under-floor heating to provide comfort in winter.


There are plenty of accommodation options nearby, including camping, locations for campervans, and B&Bs: here is an information sheet on Ambleside camping & accommodation. Ambleside main hall 1You can email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with general queries.






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