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It was my first 5 Rhythms - a deeply spiritual experience

It was my first 5 Rhythms.

I wasn’t sure how my 73 year old body could handle it, nor my introverted personality.

I felt instantly safe in the room - damn cold but it soon warmed up (and how, didn't need heating after a while).

The whole process felt so natural…a return to childhood in a sense when I wanted to dance freely but of course in those days ‘not allowed’.

It was a deeply spiritual experience, full of insights, connection to Source and insights into self - those stuck places, old hurts, place of freedom.


Deeply relaxing at the end - I could have just lain there forever. While my body loved the exercise and movement - I surprised myself: it could handle more than I expected, no limitations at all. 

The closest thing to an MDNA trip without the drugs.

I love the flow, of persons in the room, coming together and separating.

A joy not to have to converse or explain.

A joy (for me) not to have to lead a group or take care of people (my usual job) and just immerse myself in it and all it had to offer.

Was quite ready at the end to have another session the next day - more in Penrith area please!


Blessings to you for offering this, such an enriching and strengthening experience.

Stephen Wright